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Turkeys are pastured and free to roam eating grass, bugs, grit and getting fresh, clean air!. They live good, happy turkey lives!

              Pastured raised turkeys

       Our pasture raised turkeys are low fat and high in quality protein, not to mention free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics and nervous stress! Our turkeys all have a safe shelter to sleep, eat and get out of the weather when desired and are safe from predators.

You will love the taste of our moist, FRESH, birds and feel good knowing they have been raise in big meadows not "confined over-crowded ammonia saturated poultry houses"
      Turkeys available in the make your holiday ...oh so special...........Giblets are included with whole birds.

    Turkeys are sold as whole birds (with giblets), every effort will be made to come as close as you have requested to the poundage you want in your turkey(s).

    Birds will range from 12 lbs to 35lbs -most in the 18-24 lb range.

                                           Pastured  TURKEYS 


                  Just a few available for anytime  

               $3.89/lb. Shipping remains the same at $24.95

Always feel free to ask us any questions- call or email (contact us page)

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