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15 lb variety pack 
   Will be a  mix of chops, bacon, sausage, roasts, 
ribs,  hams or any other cuts available
 all cuts including bacon!   ...$6.95 lb
                                      x 15 = $104.25 & $24.95 insulated shipping = $129.20
      Let us know if you do not want a certain cut.
    15 lbs picked up pork variety = 104.25


Pig deposit
Pig deposit
Pig deposit
Pig deposit
Pig deposit
Pork shipped

Ahhh life IS good!!.

Farm style or have shipped to your front door!

Farm style
      **Pork will be sold in whole's delivered to the processor for you to confer as to the cuts/smoking and other desires you have. You will pay the butcher separately. We will help you all steps of the way there if this is the first time you are doing up your own pig....

      **We will put you in touch with the processor, so that when your pig is delivered you can discuss/give desired instructions for cuts/smoking etc. to your specs. 
     NOTE:  Whole pork will require a  $150 deposit, payable through card or a check. You will pay per/lb ($2.69/lb) for the hanging weight, which will be determined at the processor....then we will adjust the amount owned us and you will pick up and pay the butcher for his work.
      Generally (only a guideline)  pig's FINAL hanging weight will be between 160-240 lbs occasionally a little bigger/smaller. You will pay the butcher for his work when you pick up your meat.- Always feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

ORDER FARM STYLE NOW***  we have several pigs

Moon Dancing Farm pigs are stress free happy pigs! Fed organically grown garden scraps, locally grown feed and forage right here on our pastures free from any artificial anything!

 Our pigs enjoy ACRES of fresh NOTHING ARTIFICIAL pastures & live good healthy pig lives!!:)

Our pigs are crosses between Berkshire, Yorkshire, Spot, Hampshire, Duroc & Red Wattle! They  are pastured & have shelter & plenty of room & freedom to roam, play, root & do what happy pigs do!

                         Choose farm style or shipping!

order farmer style pork/whole

order pork to be shipped or picked up

....mmmm, I think I will mosey on out to the big pasture!

Pastured pork