Pheasants are here! 

  ....try these delicious birds for a  a treat, change of pace or just because you love em! 

 they are a challenge to raise, requiring much warmer brooder temps & complete netting in pens to keep them from flying away...oh but SO worth the effort!

Unbelievably yummy!!

Pheasants can be prepared a few ways- but slow cooking we feel is the yummiest!

   There are some simple good recipes online  slow cooking  with white wine, onions, sour cream & salt & pepper to taste  will make a special night out of any meal & a moist tender absolutely delicious bird! No need to cook for hours as these are farm raised, not tough from being old or working hard at surviving- these are tender & delicious!

​Be creative...these are sure to please!!

guinea hens loved by many europeans for years, now gaining popularity here is the states!

Watch for  new harvest in summer of 2017

moon dancing farm