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....mmmm, I think I will mosey on out to the big pasture!.....

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Brown pastured eggs

Will be a  mix of tasty, juicy chops, bacon, sausage, roasts, ribs,  hams or any other cuts available--- all cuts including bacon! $7.95 & insulated shipping

Pig deposit

Farm style

     We will help/guide you all steps of the way there if this is the first time you are doing up you
     NOTE:  Whole pork is a  $95 deposit, payable through PayPal...credit card or a check. You will pay per/lb ($2.89/lb) for the hanging weight, which will be determined at the processor....then we will adjust the amount owned us and you will pick up and pay the butcher for his work.
      Generally (only a guideline)  pig's FINAL hanging weight will be between 160-240 lbs occasionally a little bigger/smaller. You will pay the butcher for his work when you pick up your meat.- Always feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

​A substantial savings when bought this way!

Farm style= BEST VALUE!

add pastured brown eggs to your order!

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