Sold by the pound $4.29/lb....choose from local pick up or choose one of the choices for shipping- right to your door!!

15lbs x$4.29= $64.35.picked up
 15lbs X $4.29 = $64.35 & 14.95= 79.30

   All chicken prices INCLUDES ALL processing!  
  We will give you a good mix of cuts available- if you do not want a certain cut or would like any organ meats, if available. please let us know.
     Your order will/may include: whole chicken, breasts, boneless/skinless breasts, thighs, leg w thigh, drumsticks..etc
Let us know if you like any organ meats & we will include if available.
hearts/gizzards & Livers

      Email us on any questions or requests, Keep in mind, that boneless skinless breasts are scarce ( each bird only has 2 :) a case of them is hard to do at this time, we will always try to accommodate on what we can.                                                     

Note-we now have "chicken feet" done correctly for those who enjoy this- just order as above and send us an email that you want chicken feet. 




15 lbs delivered to your home!

add eggs to any order!


   Our chickens are pasture raised on pasture & forage for good meadow greens, grit & bugs.

You have never had such tasty chicken!

  You can feel great knowing that they have  been pastured on un-sprayed, rotated and chemical free pasture with lots of room to be a chicken, chasing butterflies, scratching for tasty treasures, dusting themselves in the sun (or shade) and finding a tasty worm or two!   
      Our chickens are happy chickens living good chicken lives!!

Brown pastured eggs

pastured chicken