moon dancing farm

our layers are laying good now and many are getting out of pullet stage already, but if we feel that a carton is smaller than full sized mature egg, we will give 2 dozen for 1 doz- this should pass within a few months as all will be full size then

Our laying hens are Black sex links, RI red & Barred rocks

we will add eggs to your monthly mix box or any other box :

   1 doz to mm is $4.95/  3 doz= $12.95

   1 doz to any meat box is $5.50/3=$15

   Just eggs= 6 doz @

         $4.50/doz ($27) plus shipping/$12.95 = $58.30


Brown pastured eggs

When the PP cart button is active- they are available to purchase- likely late nov- late dec)..Check back from time to time!

     We have raised our own eggs for years and are spoiled when it comes to delicious, nutritious eggs.

    If you have ever had a "real" egg you know what we egg that is a deep orange that sits up in the pan, a yolk that tastes like velvet and is LOADED with good, healthy nutrition!... our sweet happy hens also have another fringe benefit-- a Rooster!...yep they are happy...:)

our own brown eggs………………. laid by chickens that have access to grass, shade, bugs, soil to dust themselves & life as nature meant it for a chicken!!

     …...they enjoy their lives... at night they have a  safe, nice little barn to roost in and lots of peaceful, quiet palces to have their eggs.