Brown pastured eggs
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Pastured pork from happy pigs, rooting & enjoying life- a variety of all cuts $134.25 Shipped free when you order here as a subscription

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Grass fed beef from happy, content cows..15lb variety of cuts $134.25 shipped free when you order here as a monthly subscription

Like good healthy food & have a limited budget?..Can't decide what to get? Maybe this will work for you....Each month we will send a 15 lb box of all meats we have (usually three)unless one is temporarily unavailable) ....all cuts of  meats for a variety of dinners

  *** Don't like something?- Tell us and we will not add it to your shipment
***As always, we give a good weight count :)
***cancel a month, take a vacation or as other priorities in life happen .....NOTE:  .( if you cancel any 3 months in a 12 month period= free shipping no longer is applied)

 ***If you like all,... we include all-- some ground beef/stew/roasts/steaks/chops/sausage/bacon/chicken- various cuts and more as they are available‚Äč organ meats? let us know- these will be included upon request only

***Meats will be a mix of what is available-- usually 3 but no less than 2 kinds (beef, chicken or pork)