Welcome to moon dancing farm
        Our 150 acre farm located upstate NY is a humane farm where animals enjoy their lives...our cattle & pigs have huge lush free roaming pastures, shade & shelter enjoy peaceful lives & all our pastures are 100% free from ANY chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers of any kind whatsoever. There are no antibiotics, hormones, steroids or anything nature did not intend them to eat.

    Our animals are treated KINDLY always, they enjoy stress free lives with sunshine. shade, peaceful pastures, shelter when desired and serenity!!...and you enjoy good health and satisfaction that you are eating and contributing to humanely raised, healthy meats! The benefits to the animals are pretty obvious :)

.....the benefits to us, just to mention a few...........

​ *** lower in fats & calories                        
*** higher in omega 3 fatty acids
***higher in antioxidants                   
*** higher in the cancer fighting fats

​                                                                            Buy farm/freezer style for best value 

moon dancing farm

Our laying hens are Black sex links, RI red & Barred rocks

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15 lbs of chicken wings..($2.75/lb ) + insulated shipping $57.20..while supplies last

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     Our animals here at Moon Dancing Farm are humanely raised & treated with kindness & respect always!

buy farm/freezer style or smaller quantity shipped right to your own door!

    Pastured brown eggs​

We have raised our own eggs for years and are spoiled when it comes to delicious, nutritious eggs.
     If you have ever had a "real" egg you know what we mean....an egg that is a deep orange that sits up in the pan, a yolk that tastes like velvet and is LOADED with good, healthy nutrition!... our sweet happy hens also have another fringe benefit-- a Rooster!...yep they are happy...:)