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read about "Mollie" below

    This icon was made in honor of a sweet egg laying hen we had years ago named "Mollie". Mollie was a sex link hen who was sweet & very intelligent.

    As I walked to the horse barn to feed, Mollie would follow me every evening or morning or anytime!-- she would stand beside a rock,  cooo-ing wanting me to turn the rock over so that she could  find the worms underneath & have a scumpious snack!....

...........I would turn the rock over & continue to the barn, several steps on my way, Mollie would run past me & cooo at the next rock, thus down to the horses...Mollie passed of old age & she lives in our memories & hearts forever...when our first website was built I had this made in her honor....every once in a while a really special

life comes into yours..........


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Brian & Lindy- a few years back! :)