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 Happy humanely raised cattle!

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buy farm style or have a smaller quantity shipped right to your own front door!

Order whole steer now through Sunday, June,30th- enjoy a $100.00 discount at final hanging weight bill- add to an already big savings & this is HUGH!!

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         100% grass fed beef organic with NO chemicals whatsoever, all at fair prices!


All our cattle are pasture raised & are treated with kindness & respect always,

    Mama cows raise their own calves and weaning is up to mama & calf. Mama's milk & good lush pastures, gives our meat a healthy dose of natural marbling and delicious taste!.

    Our beef cattle are a cross between Red Angus and Hereford.

   They are raised here from birth, we know where they come from and keep them healthy. Our cattle come & go as they please, sitting under a tree, chewing their

cud ( 1001...1002....1003....) grazing our organic pastures, calves playing or just enjoying their time here on earth. In the colder months they can come & go in the barn as they desire & are fed our own organically raised hay.

 The Red Angus/Hereford cross provides some of the tastiest meat you ever had !!

If you never have had real grass fed beef from healthy pastured cows... you are in for a real taste treat!

  We sell wholes/halves & quarters...when we have hooked up 1 or more customers to equal 1 animal, we will bring those orders to the processor & you will call to give processor your instructions for the cuts you like & wrapping you prefer, guidance will be offered upon request by us & /or processor
Processor fees are charged separately & range in the .65- .80 cents/lb range for butchering, you will pay this to the butcher when you pick up your beef...any smoking/etc will have additional charges. 

  *****PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN USE DIFFERENT BUTCHERS DEPENDING ON CERTAIN CRITERIA, LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFO OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON THIS.......When you add butchering, our prices  are better than any we have seen for quality Angus/Hereford beef.

prices below INCLUDES ALL cuts, hamburger/ALL STEAK CUTS/ stew meat/Roasts/ etc--you will be charged "hanging weight"-- then your beefer will be cut/trim  to your desires!

Deposit is necessary through Pay Pal (which you can also choose a credit card, even if you do not have pay-pal) OR you can mail a check. When hanging weight is known,  final price/bill will be adjusted. Beef must be paid in full before picked up at processor.

You can save quite a sum of money on your total food bill buying farm style from us!

whole beef: (best value)                                                                       Order farm style here
  $2.99 hanging weight, which should be in the 475-575 lbs range 
1/2 beef:
   $3.09 hanging weight, which should be in the 220-320lbs range
1/4 beef:
   $3.19 hanging weight, which should be in the 125-230 lbs range

Pastured Beef



15 lb variety pack!
 (will be/can be a fair mix of: steaks,(all cuts, including the best!)  roasts, ground, stir fry/stew, ground beef,short ribs/ other)

15 lbs @ $6.95lb ($104.25) + insulated shipping $24.95= $129.20
Pick up= 15 lbs = $104.25
order shipped meat below.....

16 lb ground beef ( in 2 lb packs)   
 16 lbs @ $6.50 /lb ($104.) = insulated shipping$24.95 = $128.95
  picked up = $104.
  Order now to assure yours for next processed steer!

STEAKS HAVE BEEN HUGE DEMAND we are constantly running low, so we now offer only 4 lb boxes.

 4 lbs ALL assorted pastured steaks  
 4 lbs @ $10.95lb ($43.80) + insulated shipping $24.95=$68.75
Pick up = $43.80