moon dancing farm

Organic grass fed beef-all our livestock here on the farm enjoy plenty of room to roam & enjoy kind hands & peaceful pastures....always

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moon dancing farm

                       Animals on our 150 acre farm are raised without hormones, steroids, pesticides or artificial fertilizers of ANY kind.

    ALL our animals are pasture raised, treated KINDLY at all times and we make sure their lives are stress free and pleasant for the time they are here. They enjoy sunshine. shade, lush pastures, shelter when desired and serenity!!...and you enjoy good health and satisfaction that you are eating and contributing to humanely raised, healthy meats! The benefits to the animals are pretty obvious :)

.....the benefits to us, just to mention a few...........

                                  lower in fats & calories                        

                             higher in omega 3 fatty acids

                                   higher in antioxidants                   

                         higher in the cancer fighting fats

we sell 2 ways:

1)  "farm style" (we take the animal to the butcher & your cut desires are given to the butcher & you pay the butcher & pick up

2)  also  we ship ready cuts (see meat pages) click on side bars