Moon Dancing Farm

"your source for humanely raised pastured meats!"
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Plenty of pasture,room to roam and a good, kind life for all!

We have been farming with no chemicals for over 30 years.

All animals we raise on our 150 acre farm are raised without hormones, steroids, pesticides or artificial fertilizers of ANY kind. ALL our animals are pasture raised, treated KINDLY at all times and we make sure their lives are stress free and pleasant for the time they are here. They enjoy sunshine. shade, lush pastures, shelter when desired and serenity!!...and you enjoy good health and satisfaction that you are eating and contributing to humanely raised, healthy meats!
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Just some of the benefits of pastured raised meats are:
                         lower in fats & calories
                         higher in omega 3 fatty acids
                         higher in antioxidants
                         high in the cancer fighting fats

ALL living creatures here are given a good life!

Our farm is located just 14 miles west of Cooperstown in the beautiful mountains of West Burlington and is easy to find. We do not have an on farm stand, so ready orders will need appointments to be picked up if they are not being delivered. Just call or email to make arrangements!

We Sell 2 ways:
 1) Farm style (we will take animal to butcher and you tell butcher what you want as far as cuts/wrap goes and pay him separately)-details on beef & pork pages

 2) We ship

Our beloved friend "Charlie", always on guard:)

We accept PayPal and listed major credit cards, checks can also be mailed!
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Providing humanely raised, pastured poultry, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, turkeys, and free roaming chickens to Otsego, Chenango, Schoharie, Oneida, Delaware, Sullivan Counties in Upstate New York.. including Cooperstown Syracuse,Utica & able to ship to all NY &  Northeast states
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